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This course includes:

  1. 1-week online course
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Welcome to Marketing Course

This marketing online course supports users equipped with professional business knowledge in the marketing field. Topics include market research, segmentation, customer behavior, different promotion channel, market environment analysis, and so on. In addition, the aims to introduce the concept, analysis, knowledge that includes marketing management, advertising, buyer behavior, and market research.

Marketing Analysis

You will learn how to apply SWOT theory to analysis the marketing opportunity and threats . In addition, identifying the self strengthness and weakness then how to fit in the market by self-capacity.

Consumer Behaviour

It is vital to understand the consumer behaviour in the marketing. Once you understand their purchasing routine, you can formulate the realtive strategy to trarget them. In the AIDA Model, there are four step assist you to consumer behavior such as awareness, interestm desire and action.

Right Promotion Channel


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