Almighty Tutor cds 509 basketball online course for all levels players such as basic, intermediate and professional level.  This course includes 2 hours of on-demand video, access unlimited, and available access on mobile. In this course, you will learn different basketball skills for example passing, rebounding, shooting, layup and dribbling. At the basic level, you will learn two mains skills: shooting and layup. In a basketball game, you need to score more than the opponents to win the contest. It is the reason why shooting is essential in the entire game.  At the intermediate level, you will learn rebounding and passing.Rebounding is one of the ways to prevent opponents to get score. In addition, it give you a second chance and provide your team with extra possession. Basketball is a team sport. Many players in your team will involve in the game. Team players get more involved, the more points will accumulate. Thus, passing allows you to create the wide-open chance to layup or shoot three points.

At the professional level, you will learn dribbling. Dribbling is vital as you can make your movement become aggressive and use it when you do not have to pass it to your teammate. You can move with dribbling to fool your defender, then get past them and score. On the other hand, you can combine dribbling with additional skills learned from previous courses, such as shooting, passing, and layup. It enhances your skill to be more professional and makes it harder to defend you.

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